First of all I just want to say that I’m currently fighting an inner battle that gives me tremendous feelings of guilt every time I do something besides study to prepare for the exam in business economics that I have in a week. This also means that the blog might be a little ignored during the coming week.

That being said, let’s procrastinate by writing its first product review, shall we?
When I got home from school today I washed my face and gently exfoliated it with a home made facial scrub (coconut oil, sugar and lemon juice). All because I was really eager to try a new product that arrived in my mailbox a few days ago.


During this dark and gloomy time in Sweden (even though it is starting to feel a bit more spring-like) I’ve been looking for something to freshen up my face in natural way. I found this self tan from Swedish eco brand Rosenserien.

This tanner contains vegetable DHA from sugar beets that gives the skin a natural golden glow. The color is supposed to stay on for about 3-5 days (still to be evaluated). If you want a darker shade you can put on more than one layer or more frequently. Full effect shows after approximately 4-10 hours. It’s fine to sunbathe with Rosenserien self tan. It contains no UV filter. However, it can be combined with sunscreen. The content is 100% natural and organic!

I have now been wearing one layer of this stuff for about 5,5 hours and I must say I’m impressed with it. I can already see that nice light sunkissed color starting to show up on my face. It looks very natural and I can’t detect any sharp edges or uneven patches. I think one layer looks perfect on my skin (I have a very very light porcelain skin tone), but I suspect it would be easy to put one ot two more layers on for a darker shade (or if you have a darker skin tone naturally). Overall, I’m so pleased with this product! I payed 239 SEK for it (approx. $27, £22, 25€) and the volume is 100 ml. You only need a tiny bit to cover the whole face so I think that’s going to last me a really long time and give good value for the money. I’d definitely recommend it!

Great result, nice color
Good value for money
Healthy ingredients
Relatively fast result
Smooth texture, easy to apply evenly
Blends nicely with skin

Slightly odd scent

If you would like to read more about this product or Rosenserien in general you can visit their website.